Project Habitat
Alabama Power and Tennessee Valley Authority are also active members of the Project Habitat wildlife enhancement program. This program promotes rights-of-way management to protect habitat and promote biodiversity. Partners in the Project Habitat program include BASF and five wildlife associations: Quail Unlimited, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quality Deer Management Association, Buckmasters and Butterfly Lovers International. Project Habitat is a registered trademark of BASF.

Alabama Wild Power enhances wildlife habitat along transmission line corridors.

Property owners with transmission lines crossing their land are eligible to receive funds for brush removal and plantings that promote, attract, shelter and feed wildlife in the rights-of-way.

Local Conservationist
A local district conservationist will help eligible applicants develop a wildlife conservation plan. Alabama Power and Tennessee Valley Authority will verify transmission rights-of-way and issue their respective incentive payments at year end.

To apply for the program, complete the online form any time between May 1 through May 31. Qualified applicants will receive a $50 per acre incentive payment capped at $500. New applications will be given first priority over previously awarded applicants. Otherwise, qualifying applications will be funded in the order they are received until funds are depleted. We encourage any prospective property owners to apply.

Thanks for improving Alabama's rights-of-way. The program is the collaborative effort of